There is not one of them, replied the niece, which deserves the least mercy, for they are all full of mischief and deceit. You had better, therefore, throw them out of the window into the courtyard, and there set fire to them, in a heap[.]
About this time too, the knight appealed to a peasant man in the neighborhood, a very honest fellow, if a poor man may deserve that title, but, one who had something missing upstairs. In short, he said so much, used so many arguments to persuade, and promised him such mountains of wealth, that this poor simpleton determined to follow, and serve him in quality of squire.
I have already advised thee, Sancho, said the knight, to give thyself no trouble about that affair; for, should we be disappointed in the expectation of an island, there is the kingdom of Denmark, or that of Sobradisa, which will suit thee as well as ever a ring fitted a finger, and ought to give thee more joy[.]