You must throw that bone to some other dog, replied the innkeeper, as if I did not know that two and three make five; or where my own shoe pinches. Your worship must not think to feed me with pap, for, egad I am no such suckling: a good joke, faith! You would make me believe that all the contents of these books are madness and lies, altho’ they are printed by licence from the King’s council; as if they were persons who would wink at the printing of such lies, battles and enchantments as turn people’s brains.
[B]ut, what was very surprising, his eyes were shut all the time, and he was fast asleep, dreaming of this encounter; for, his imagination was so much engrossed by the adventure he had undertaken to achieve, as to make him dream that he was already arrived in the kingdom of Micmicon, and engaged in single combat with his gigantic adversary, instead of whom, he hacked the wine-bags so furiously, that the whole room was afloat with their contents
In this sensible manner did Don Quixote continue his discourse, from which no body that heard him could distinguish that he was mad; on the contrary, his audience consisting chiefly of gentlemen, to which title the profession of arms is annexed, they listened with great pleasure[.]