When the squire desired to know the cause of this sudden descent and ligation, “You must know, Sancho, said the knight, that this vessel is here on purpose, without a possibility of any other design, to call and invite me to embark, that I may be conveyed to the succor of some knight or other personage of high rank who needs my help and who must certainly be involved in some dire disaster[.]
To this remark Don Quixote replied, “Madam, your highness must know, that all or the greatest part of the incidents that happen to me, deviate from the ordinary limits of those adventures which occur to other knights-errant, either directed by the inscrutable will of destiny, or effected by the malice of some envious enchanter . . . ”
Nevertheless, friend Sancho, said the duke, if your heart does not become softer than a ripe fig, you shall touch no government of mine. It would be a fine scheme indeed, if I should send to my islanders, a cruel, flinty-hearted governor, who would not melt at the tears of damsels in affliction; nor at the entreaties of wife, imperious, ancient sages and enchanters.