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What famous phrase appears in the Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray?

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What is Basil Hallward’s occupation?

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Why does Basil not wish to exhibit his portrait of Dorian?

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How does Basil first meet Dorian?

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What is the name of Sibyl’s brother?

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When Dorian arrives at his studio, what request does Basil make of Lord Henry?

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What best describes the philosophy that Lord Henry espouses?

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Upon seeing his completed portrait, what does Dorian wish?

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To whom does Basil give the painting?

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What is Sibyl Vane’s occupation?

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What is Sibyl’s nickname for Dorian?

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On the night that Lord Henry and Basil come to see her act, what does Sibyl resolve to do?

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How does Dorian escape James Vane when James accosts him?

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After Sibyl’s death, who convinces Dorian to have no involvement in the case?

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What gift from Lord Henry profoundly influences Dorian?

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As the years pass, what happens to Dorian’s body?

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Over which issue does Basil confront Dorian the night of Basil’s death?

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How does Dorian respond to Basil’s confrontation?

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How does Dorian kill Basil?

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To whom does Dorian turn for help with disposing of Basil’s body?

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What is finally done with Basil’s corpse?

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Where does Dorian first encounter James Vane?

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What does Dorian resolve to do when he notices a change in his portrait after breaking up with Sibyl?

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What fate befalls James Vane?

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What happens when Dorian attempts to drive a knife into his portrait?