Audrey is one of the first of the Westover siblings to seek to become financially independent, pursuing work outside of the family. She ultimately opts for a more traditional life, marrying young and becoming a dutiful wife and mother. Though she and Tara are not close growing up, it’s Audrey who confirms and validates the abuse both have suffered at the hands of Shawn. Audrey blames herself for not helping Tara and is determined to take action.

Tara thinks she has found an ally, in both her mother and her sister, but both wind up siding with Shawn and encouraging Tara to do so too. While Tara has placed a protective distance between herself and her family, and has access to the resources and education required to recognize the cycle of abuse, Audrey does not. She remains close to the family, and has her own family to think about, one whose safety she has to prioritize. When faced with pressure on all sides and threats of violence from Shawn, Audrey forgives him and accuses Tara of putting ideas in her head, effectively ending any chance of a meaningful relationship between the two of them.