Summary: Chapter 34

When she gets home, Tara tells her father that Shawn has threatened Audrey, and that she suspects Audrey has confronted Shawn about his abusive past. Gene is unwilling to accept Tara's statements about Shawn without proof. Tara expects her mother to take her side, but is horrified when she realizes that Faye is not going to stand up for her. Tara flees in tears, and comes back to learn that her father has told Shawn to come to the house.

When Shawn arrives, he threatens Tara and hands her a bloody knife. Tara has a disembodied experience wherein she renounces her claims, insisting that she has never accused Shawn of anything. Gene's droning lecture focuses on the need for feminine obedience, and Shawn leaves calmly, feeling justified. After Shawn leaves, Tara phones Drew, who urges her to leave. So as not to disrupt the fragile calm, Tara waits until the morning, and then drives away. Passing her brother's trailer, she sees blood in the snow outside. She will later learn that after Shawn received the phone call from their father, he killed his pet dog with a knife.

Looking back on the traumatic events, Tara understands that despite the online conversation with her mother, Faye had never spoke with Gene or confronted Shawn.

Summary: Chapter 35

Tara returns to Cambridge and waits in fear for the confrontation when Shawn will come to understand that she had deliberately told her parents about what he did to her. In early March, Shawn reaches out to her and threatens her life. Tara tells her parents what is happening, but they do little to help her. Eventually Shawn cuts Tara out of his life entirely. Her mother also disagrees with the account of what happened the night of the confrontation.

That summer, Tara goes to Paris with Drew. While there, she receives an email from Audrey. Audrey tells her that their father is insisting that Tara and Audrey forgive Shawn. Audrey has decided to forgive Shawn, and now she blames Tara for having corrupted her and given her evil ideas. She is cutting ties with Tara as well. Tara realizes that her relationship with her family is likely damaged beyond repair. She also, however, begins to question her own memory and even her own sanity. Desperate, Tara contacts Erin, a woman whom Shawn used to date. Erin confirms that everything Tara claims also happened to her.

Tara never fully feels certain of her memories until years later when she runs into a man in Utah who recognizes her last name and mentions Shawn. He says that he witnessed Shawn assaulting a young woman, and Tara takes this as confirmation that everything she remembers about Shawn is true.


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