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What is the name of the mountain nearest to the Westover family home?

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In what state do Tara's grandparents live over the winter months?

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Which of the following is NOT the name of one of Tara's siblings?

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What is the first musical production in which Tara has a leading role?

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How does the congregation react the first time Tara sings a solo in church?

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How does Shawn's head injury impact his behavior?

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What subject does Tara struggle with the most when preparing for her ACT exam?

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What type of accident leads to Tara taking Shawn to the hospital?

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What term does Tara reveal she has never heard after she starts her college education?

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What information helps Tara to strongly improve her grades during her first year?

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What requirement makes Tara worry about maintaining her scholarship during her bachelor's degree?

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Why does the bishop first call Tara for a meeting?

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How much money does Tara receive in her first grant?

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What is the name of the woman Shawn marries?

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What major does Tara initially intend to pursue in college?

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Why does the Westover family business in herbs and salves become very successful?

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What European city does Tara travel to with her Cambridge classmates over spring break?

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In what city is Tara living when her parents make their final visit to her, and she refuses her father's blessing?

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Which is true of Tara's experience working on her PhD?

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What significant milestone coincides with Tara submitting her PhD?

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Whose funeral brings Tara back to Buck's Peak at the end of the memoir?

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Including herself, how many of Tara's siblings complete PhDs?

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Where does Tara live after completing her PhD?

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What is the only condition under which Tara's mother will meet with her?

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What does Tara credit as the thing that ultimately helped her become strong enough to break free of her family?