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What does Nadia ask Saeed when he asks her to coffee?

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What family heirloom does Saeed receive from his father?

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Why does Saeed want to go to Chile?

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What does Nadia drop out of her window when Saeed visits her flat?

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What does Nadia procure on the internet for her date with Saeed?

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What does Saeed’s father pray for after the curfew is established?

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After the cellphone blackout, what does Nadia buy?

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What causes Nadia to move in with Saeed?

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What does Nadia retrieve from her flat that makes Saeed’s father smile?

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Why do the militants kill Saeed’s upstairs neighbors?

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Who does Saeed try to contact first when he gets his local phone number?

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What emotion does Nadia see in Saeed’s eyes when he rebuffs her kiss after they set up their tent in Mykonos?

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Why does Nadia feel so strongly about washing her clothes?

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What does the old woman tell Saeed and Nadia the fox represents?

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How do the migrants coming into London divide themselves?

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How does Saeed feel about the Nigerian immigrants he lives with?

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What does Nadia see one day while checking the news on her phone at the edge of Dark London?

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What will Saeed and Nadia receive as payment for building the London Halo?

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How does Nadia feel when she sits with Saeed while he prays for his father?

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What does Saeed do when he sees Nadia has brought marijuana from the co-op?

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Who does Nadia think about in her dreams?

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What do Nadia and Saeed do immediately before Nadia leaves?

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What surprises Saeed about the device that the preacher’s daughter believes will make her dream of a regional council a reality?

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When Nadia returns to the city fifty years later, what condition is it in?

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Where does Saeed offer to take Nadia?