Summary: Chapter 6

The next morning, Saeed’s father says goodbye and then leaves the house so that it’s easier for Saeed and Nadia to depart. Along with necessities, Saeed takes a photo of his parents and a flash drive with more photos. 

On their way to the meeting point, Saeed and Nadia cannot hold hands but allow their knuckles to brush. They know the agent could have sold them out, and they could be walking to their deaths. 

The rendezvous point is at an abandoned dentist’s office. A man with an assault rifle takes their final payment and waves them into the waiting room. Eventually, the agent summons them into the exam room. The agent tells Saeed to go through the door first, but Saeed doesn’t trust the agent and doesn’t want Nadia to be left behind. The door looks like utter darkness. Nadia gives Saeed’s hands a squeeze and then steps through.

Nadia collapses when she reaches the other side, crawling forward to allow space for Saeed. They have emerged in a public restroom. When they walk outside, they see they’re at a beach club. Near the club they find a refugee camp where people live in lean-tos and tents. Saeed and Nadia learn from the refugees that they are on the Greek island of Mykonos. All the doors on the island that lead to wealthier countries are heavily guarded. 

Saeed and Nadia purchase some supplies, including a tent and local numbers for their cellphones. They set up camp. Nadia feels like they’re playing house. Saeed feels like a bad son. Nadia tries to kiss him, and he turns away brusquely but then apologizes. Nadia is shocked to see him look bitter. Saeed cannot reach his father by phone, but Nadia manages to text some acquaintances and friends in other countries. They listen to the people at camp and learn about current events and survival tips for refugees. 

Meanwhile, in Vienna, a group of militants from Saeed and Nadia’s country sneak through a door and attack unarmed civilians in an attempt to arouse suspicion against migrants. A young Viennese woman plans to go help protect refugees from a mob planning to attack a refugee camp. When she gets on the train, men glare at her and her pro-migrant badges but do not attack her. She gets off the train to head toward the riots.