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When the novel begins, Janie is

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To whom does Janie tell the story of her life?

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Janie’s grandfather was

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Whom does Janie marry first?

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Why does Janie leave her first husband?

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After Jody and Janie’s arrival, what becomes the center of Eatonville’s social life?

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What does Jody, out of jealousy, force Janie to do?

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About what do the other men tease Matt Bonner?

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For what implied reason does Jody buy Matt’s mule?

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What reason does Jody give for excluding Janie from the mule’s funeral?

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What do Sam and Lige argue over after the mule’s funeral?

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On the store porch, why does Janie break her silence?

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Why, primarily, does Jody insult Janie’s appearance?

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What does Jody do after Janie insults him in front of the other men?

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What do the townspeople think as Jody grows sicker?

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What does Janie do while visiting Jody on his deathbed?

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Why does Janie reject so many suitors after Jody’s death?

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What is Tea Cake’s given name?

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What does Tea Cake show Janie on the evening of their first conversation?

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Why is the town suspicious of Janie’s relationship with Tea Cake?

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What term does the novel use to refer to the Everglades?

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During the first week of their marriage, how many times does Tea Cake leave Janie alone for an extended period of time while she worries?

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What is Mrs. Turner’s opinion of Black people?

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What is the direct cause of Tea Cake’s death?

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How do Janie’s Black friends act toward her during her trial?