Teaching Frankenstein with the New York Times

This piece provides an overview of the novel and its literary significance, and then gives details about four distinct ways of approaching the novel: Frankenstein and Bioethics, Frankenstein and Friendship, Writing Fiction Based on Real Science, and The Power of Appearance. Each of these sections includes links to resources and content (mainly from the Times) that could be used to compare with the novel or to illustrate its key themes.

The History Chicks Podcast: Episode 16A: Mary Shelley

A biography covering the life of Mary Shelley and important events that may have influenced the ideas in her novels. The podcast provides useful and entertaining biographical information.

Frankenstein 200 Interactive Game

An interactive digital game that features a retelling of Mary Shelley’s novel combined with a story in which players get to learn about scientific discoveries, the history of science, and ethical questions around innovation and discovery.

Shelley Sites/Sights

A digital archive including photos and images of places in England and abroad where Mary and Percy Shelley travelled or lived. The collection includes images of the sites in Switzerland where Mary Shelley was inspired to begin writing Frankenstein.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in Charts

A collection of graphs, maps and charts used to display information about Mary Shelley, her novel, and its history and significance.

New York Public Library: Frankenstein: The Afterlife of Shelley’s Circle

A digital exhibit grouped into categories including the novel, its history and adaptations, and the figure of the Romantic outsider. The different categories include essays, images, and digital artefacts from the NYPL collection.