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1What advice does Yolanda receive about how to care for newborn kittens?

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2What did Carla's toy bank look like?

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3What did Sandra like to paint?

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4What did Mundin make out of the pink modeling clay?

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5Who did Sandra flirt with while out to dinner with the Fannings?

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6What did Yolanda think snow was when she saw it for the first time?

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7What kind of car would always terrify Laura?

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8Which poet inspired Yolanda's first school speech?

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9Why was Sofia sent back to the Dominican Republic as a punishment?

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10Why did Rudy and Yolanda break up?

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11Which word made Yolanda break out in a rash?

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12What does Sandra worry she will turn into?

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13What did Sofia do in Colombia?

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14What does Yolanda have a craving to eat when she returns to the Dominican Republic?

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15Which sister writes poetry?

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16Which sister broke her arm?

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17Which sister ran off with a German?

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18Where did Carlos hide from the police?

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19Where did Chucha prefer to sleep?

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20Where were the children not allowed to play within the family compound in the Dominican Republic?

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21What is Vic's secret CIA code for trouble?