Georgina, Kaysen’s roommate, is a fragile depressive who serves as a constant companion to Kaysen. Georgina aspires to an almost domestic kind of normality at the hospital. She develops a serious relationship with Wade, an unstable and violent patient, and often serves as the voice of calm and reassurance. The depth of her unhappiness is revealed, however, when Kaysen pours scalding hot caramel on Georgina’s hand; she has no reaction at all. Georgina is similar to many of the other girls, who show no obvious signs of illness. The ward can seem deceptively calm at times, as though it were a dormitory instead of a psychiatric unit with barred windows and locked doors. When truly alarming mental illness appears, it comes as a shock to the girls. Georgina sums up their fears when, while visiting the wretched and shockingly changed Alice Calais, she urges her ward-mates never to forget what they have seen, and never to let it happen to them.