Lisa is the most powerful personality on the ward. Her utter disregard for authority makes her a frustrating and entertaining figure in the eyes of the other girls. Whether engaging in complicated pranks or escaping from the hospital, Lisa ensures that the routine of the ward never goes uninterrupted for long. Lisa is proud of her diagnosis as a sociopath and revels in the attention her antics earn her. Lisa is a dangerously attractive figure for the other girls, and the dark side of her personality can appear without warning. Lisa veers from extravagantly kind to perversely cruel. Kaysen meets Lisa some years after their time at McLean and is shocked to see her old friend dressed as a suburban mother, child in tow. In the course of their conversation, however, it becomes clear that Lisa’s personality is as unpredictable as ever; her new life can’t conceal Lisa’s impulsiveness and volatility.