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1What does the doctor who sends her to McLean Hospital notice on Kaysen’s face?

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2What does Polly scream about when she realizes the extent of her burns?

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3How does Kaysen try to kill herself?

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4What does Lisa say about life outside the hospital?

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5What does Jim Watson offer to do for Kaysen?

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6What are the names of Wade’s father’s dangerous friends?

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7What kind of medication does Daisy repeatedly demand?

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8How long does Kaysen believe it took the doctor to diagnose her?

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9Where is the only place a patient can be alone on the hospital ward?

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10What interrupts the girls every five, fifteen, and thirty minutes?

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11Which of the following are the girls not allowed to have on the ward?

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12What is Lisa’s diagnosis?

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13Kaysen believes that mental illness can be divided into which two kinds?

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14Why does Lisa throw a tantrum to have her window opened?

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15What makes Dr. Wick most uncomfortable?

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16Which two major figures were assassinated in 1968?

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17Whom do the girls visit on the maximum-security ward?

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18What drug do the nurses often give patients to calm them down?

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19What is Kaysen scared of losing at the dentist?

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20Who does Kaysen run into years after she leaves the hospital?

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21What is Kaysen’s primary complaint at her typing job?

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22In Kaysen’s opinion, what is a sign that a mental patient may be incurable?

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23What is Kaysen’s diagnosis?

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24Who is most commonly diagnosed with Kaysen’s disorder?

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25Where does the title Girl, Interrupted come from?