(July 27–29) Alice tries to pray but feels the words are false and meaningless. She yearns for death. She starts going to school at the Youth Center, which is a relief compared to her room. Life in the asylum is draining her in all ways, as it has already done for Babbie. (July 31) She listens to other kids in a group therapy session, which she finds helpful. A leader of the session, a fellow inmate, assures Alice that it's all right to be scared but that she should share her fears with others. She aspires to join the Group One kids, who have more privileges and freedom from the hospital.

(Aug. 1) Alice's mother and father visit. They still believe her story, and will try and get Jan to retract her statement indicting Alice. (Aug. 2) Dr. Miller believes Alice, too, and encourages her to talk to the other kids in preparation for being a social worker. She hopes to get Babbie, who is aiming for a foster home, to read. (Aug. 3) She talks to a boy about his progressively harmful experiences with drugs and notices that he still gets a "contact high" from simply discussing drugs, as does another girl. (Aug. 4) A girl proposes that she and Alice flee the asylum and go back on drugs.

(Aug. 5) Another visit from Alice's parents brings a long letter from Joel. Her father reports that Jan has retracted her statement, and they're trying to get the other girl to do the same, in which case Alice will be let out soon. Joel's warm letter makes her excited to see him again. (Aug. 8) Alice finds out she's going home tomorrow. She is ecstatic but admits that the asylum was not as bad as detention school would have been. She also feels guilty about abandoning Babbie.

(Aug. 9) Alice returns home and is happy to be with her family. (Aug. 10) She prays to God not only for helping her, but to help Jan and the other girl. (Aug. 14) On a trip with her family (her father is going to guest-lecture at a university for two weeks), Alice thinks that Joel is the only good thing in her life and decides to abstain from sex until she's married. (Aug. 17–24) Alice enjoys staying at the university until she stumbles into some poison ivy. (Aug. 27-Sept. 2) The family takes a trip to hot New York, but their plans to go to Chicago to visit Joel are derailed when Alice's father is called back to the university.

(Sept. 6–10) At home, Alice is invited to go swimming by Fawn, a "straight" kid. Alice is insecure around Fawn and her friends, even though they seem to like her. She has a fun time with them and hopes they haven't heard stories about her. (Sept. 16) Alice's old piano teacher wants her to be a soloist at special recital. Alice is enthused but unsure. (Sept. 19) She has a great time at a party thrown by Fawn but realizes she will have to be honest with Fawn about her past before Fawn hears it from somewhere else.

(Sept. 20) Alice gives her father a sweater and a poem by her for his birthday. Joel surprises her by showing up and kisses her on the lips in front of her family. He gives her a friendship ring, which she vows to wear her whole life. (Sept. 21) Alice is worried about starting school again but feels stronger with the support of her new friends and Joel. She comments that she no longer needs a diary, for she now has people in her life with whom she can communicate.