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Why does Dicey lie to the policeman in the parking lot in Peewauket?

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Why does Sammy initially refuse to leave the parking lot in Peewauket?

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What lie does Dicey tell the children about their parents?

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Why does Dicey not correct Louis and Edie when they mistake her for a boy?

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Why does Dicey become so upset when Sammy steals a wallet?

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What inspires Dicey to have the children carry grocery bags to earn money?

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Why does the inscription on the gravestone near the Connecticut River affect Dicey so deeply?

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Why does Stewart help the Tillermans even after James steals money from him?

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How does Eunice react to the children?

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What is Father Joseph and Eunice's prevailing reaction to Dicey's explanations of her mother's life?

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What is the main reason Dicey dislikes her life in Bridgeport?

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Why does Eunice decide to adopt the children?

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How does Dicey feel once they are on the bus to New York?

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Why do Tom and Jerry offer to take the Tillermans across the bay?

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Why does Dicey enjoy sailing so much?

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Why does Dicey decide they must walk when they reach the eastern shore?

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How do the children know that Mr. Rudyard is a bad man?

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How does Mr. Rudyard try to convince Will to let him take the children?

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How does Dicey's grandmother react to Dicey initially?

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What does Dicey find in the barn that makes her decide they must try and convince their grandmother to take them in?

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Why does their grandmother not make the children leave?

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Why does their grandmother become so angry the night when Will and Claire visit?

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Why does Gram tell Dicey she cannot take them in?

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Why did Momma and Francis Verricker not marry?

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Why does Gram finally agree to take the children in?