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Whom does Myshkin meet on the train at the beginning of the novel?

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Where has Myshkin spent the years prior to returning to Russia and why?

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Who was Prince Myshkin's benefactor and guardian?

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Why does Prince Myshkin immediately proceed to the Yepanchins upon arrival to St. Petersburg?

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Who is Marie?

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What does General Yepanchin give Nastassya Filippovna as a birthday present and why?

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Why is General Yepanchin glad that Myshkin can join his family for lunch?

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What is Totsky's "worst action," according to his story at Nastassya Filippovna's party?

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Why does Ganya want to marry Nastassya Filippovna?

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How much money does Rogozhin bring to Nastassya Filippovna's on the evening of her party?

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With what does Rogozhin attempt to kill the Prince?

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With what painting of Rogozhin's is Myshkin impressed?

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What prevents Rogozhin from killing the Prince?

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What poem does Aglaya recite in front of her family and the Prince in Pavlovsk?

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What detail does Aglaya change during her reading the Pushkin's poem at Lebedev's cottage?

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How does Ganya prove that Burdovsky cannot possibly be Pavlishchev's son?

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What object outside his window in St. Petersburg does Hippolite spends so many hours staring at?

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Why does Hippolite's suicide attempt fail?

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Why does Nastassya Filippovna speak on such friendly terms with Yevgeny Radomsky?

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Where and at what time does Aglaya arrange the meeting with the Prince?

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What does Aglaya send to Myshkin as a sign of peace?

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What does Prince Myshkin break at the dinner party at the Yepanchins'?

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What prompts Aglaya to run away from the meeting with Nastassya Filippovna?

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Where does Myshkin spend the night after following Rogozhin and Nastassya Filippovna to St. Petersburg?

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Who visits the Prince in Switzerland?