1. Where did Joe grow up?

2. Where was Joe the night his father died?

3. What is the first faculty that Joe realizes he has lost?

4. Where was Joe the night before he left for the war?

5. What element from Joe's memory of the train station recurs later in the novel?

6. When Joe realizes his left arm has been amputated, what is his immediate fear?

7. Why did Joe decide to work on a railroad section gang one summer?

8. Who did Joe see Diane kissing on her front porch?

9. Why did Jose knock over a cart of pies?

10. Why does Joe think the doctors managed to save him?

11. Why was Joe's father a failure?

12. What is Joe's central struggle in Book One?

13. How does Joe learn to keep time?

14. Why did the Scottish man refuse to do battle?

15. Why does Joe thrash around in bed after he feels a medal pinned on him?

16. Why did the young English subaltern in the regiment next to Joe's go mad?

17. What does Joe's regular day nurse do when Joe begins tapping Morse code?

18. Who is Ruby?

19. What sparks Joe's memories about prostitutes and past sexual partners?

20. Who sedates Joe the first time?

21. What is the setting of Joe's dream vision of Christ?

22. Why does Joe run after Christ in the desert?

23. How does Joe's new day nurse communicate messages to him?

24. What time of year is it when Joe is first able to communicate?

25. How does Joe's version of the Baby Jesus story end?

26. How does Joe suggest he could pay his way in the outside world?