Asterion is Theseus' nemesis. Theseus wishes to be a King because he believes it is his birthright. Asterion wants to be King because he craves power for its own sake. He is very intelligent and cunning. Unlike Theseus, Asterion enjoys using his power. He makes all of the Cretan nobles fear and disrespect him. Asterion treats Theseus like an animal since he is a slave. Asterion believes that he can use people like puppets, but he forgets that they have their own free will. Many of the Cretan nobles have sacrificed their freedom because of their fear of him, but Theseus refuses to submit to Asterion. Asterion is cruel, and just as he cares for no one but himself he believes in nothing beyond himself. Asterion tries to use the gods as puppets. In the same way that he underestimates the potential of people to act of their own accord, he also forgets the great role that chance plays in life. Whether actions are attributed to the gods or to nature, what is clear is that the unexpected happens. Asterion tries to rule using his tremendous wealth and power to inspire fear in others, but his power base is transient, and, unlike Theseus, no one is loyal to him. Those who support Asterion do so because they are coerced.