1. Who does Theseus leave on Naxos?

2. Where is Theseus' father from?

3. Who does Theseus think is his father?

4. Who tells Theseus the story of his conception?

5. Who is the most precious deity in Eleusis?

6. Who is the Minotaurus?

7. Where does Theseus first become a King?

8. What disaster is Theseus able to predict?

9. Whose curse fills Theseus with dread?

10. Who almost poisons Theseus?

11. How old does Theseus claim to be when he gets to Eleusis?

12. How old is Theseus when he gets to Eleusis

13. What do the victims from Athens call themselves?

14. Who designed the Labyrinth?

15. Who poisons the bull to fix a bet?

16. What are Theseus' guards in Eleusis called?

17. Who sabotages Theseus' chariot?

18. Who does Theseus kill when he first gets to Eleusis?

19. Who kills Minos?

20. Why does Minos hide himself?

21. Who lives at the Little Palace?

22. What does the Queen in Eleusis attack Theseus with?

23. What is moira?

24. What is the name of the bull that almost kills Theseus?

25. Where is Theseus when he volunteers to go to Crete?