The hero of The King Must Die, Theseus is brave and proud. He believes that he is the son of the god Poseidon, and he is determined to make himself worthy of his father. Theseus achieves much at such a young age because he seeks challenges. Theseus is eighteen years old when he kills Asterion and makes his way home from Crete, but his deeds are those of an accomplished warrior. He is king of Eleusis at age seventeen. Theseus does not fear his death, because he believes that he hears the voice of Poseidon. When he feels that he is working towards justice and his actions are right, there is no reason for him to worry about the consequences. For Theseus, dishonoring himself or the gods would be worse than death. When he dies, he goes to the gods with nothing but a record of his life, and if he lived honorably then he has lived a good life. But he holds his belief in the gods above even his honor. As a king, he acts as an intermediary between his people and the gods. His sense of responsibility for his people allows Theseus to keep his cool when Asterion insults him. Although he desperately wants to kill the Minotauros, he knows that the lives of the Cranes and many others depend upon him, and if he gives in to his urge for vengeance it will hurt the people. Theseus is also clever, and he often uses his wits more than his strength. His agility and quickness of mind make him a great warrior. His keen intelligence makes him a good king, because he understands how to rule and how to deal with people. Because he treats people well and looks out for their lives, Theseus inspires great loyalty.