1. What happens right after Paul's brothers demand that Mitchell stop beating Paul?

2. Why does Mitchell harbor resentment for Paul when they are boys?

3. Why does Paul's father refuse to help him solve the problem with Mitchell?

4. Why does Paul allow Mitchell to ride Ghost Wind?

5. Why does Paul take the blame for injuring Ghost Wind?

6. Why does Paul's father send him to Macon to learn furniture making?

7. Why does Paul refuse to eat dinner when he must eat alone in the kitchen?

8. Why is Paul reluctant to become Jessie's friend?

9. Why does Paul speak so sharply to Robert and the Waverlys after they have ridden the Appaloosa?

10. Why does Paul's father whip Paul after he, Robert, and the Waverlys fight?

11. Why does Paul not eat Christmas dinner with his family after he is reprimanded for Robert's transgression?

12. Why does Paul's father refuse to let him ride Sutcliffe's horse?

13. What seals Paul's decision to escape once he and Robert are on the train?

14. Why does Paul lead such a quiet life in the logging camp?

15. How does Paul convince the band of men that he and Mitchell did not steal chickens?

16. Why do Mitchell and Paul part ways?

17. What is one of the first things Paul notices about Caroline, which impresses him?

18. Why was Miz Perry's mother not able to call her Rachel?

19. Why does Paul decide to buy land from Filmore Granger?

20. How does Paul react to the announcement that Mitchell is engaged to Caroline?

21. Why are Paul and Mitchell so suspicious of Wade Jamison and John Wallace?

22. Why will no banks give Paul a loan?

23. How does Mitchell die?

24. Why does Caroline insist on staying on the forty acres with Paul?

25. Why must Paul accept Filmore Granger's decision to reclaim the land?

26. Why does Paul take Charles Jamison with him to buy the land from Hollenbeck?