1. What will outlive the memory of Shakespeare, according to Mr. Ramsay?

2. As the novel begins, how does young James Ramsay occupy himself?

3. To whom does Lily show her painting?

4. How does Andrew Ramsay die?

5. To what does Mr. Ramsay liken the progress of human thought?

6. Who originally asks to go to the lighthouse?

7. Why does Paul Rayley feel dissatisfied by his marriage proposal?

8. What article of clothing does Mrs. Ramsay make for the lighthouse keeper’s son?

9. How did Virginia Woolf die?

10. Who tells Lily that women can never paint or write?

11. What poem does Mr. Ramsay recite to himself on the beach?

12. Who chooses Mrs. Ramsay’s jewelry for the dinner party?

13. What was the name of the group of artists and intellectuals to which Woolf belonged?

14. In what year was To the Lighthouse published?

15. Which character does Mrs. Ramsay hope Lily will marry?

16. What revives interest in Mr. Carmichael’s poetry?

17. How does Prue Ramsay die?

18. What does Mr. Ramsay most often want from Mrs. Ramsay and why?

19. Critical consensus holds that the character of Mrs. Ramsay is based on whom?

20. Who accompanies Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse at the novel’s end?

21. How many years pass in the second section of the novel?

22. Who rescues the house from the disastrous effects of time?

23. What does Mrs. Ramsay read when she joins Mr. Ramsay after the dinner party?

24. What does Minta Doyle lose on the beach?

25. When Mrs. Ramsay discovers the children awake in the nursery, what does she do to help them sleep?