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What does Jo want to buy herself for Christmas?

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Who presides over the Pickwick Club?

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What does Beth bring over to Laurie when he is not feeling well?

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What does Amy consider her greatest weakness?

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What does Mr. Laurence give to Beth?

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Who proposes to Amy?

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What is Jo’s job in New York?

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What does Jo do with the prize money she wins for her first published story?

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How does Jo obtain the twenty-five dollars she gives to Marmee before Marmee goes to Washington, D.C.?

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What do the Marches traditionally do before bedtime?

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What is Mr. Brooke’s occupation?

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Where is Jo and Mr. Bhaer’s school located?

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How many people come to the party that Amy planned for her art class?

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When Beth seems moody, what does Jo think is causing the moodiness?

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What does Amy do for which Jo swears she will never forgive her?

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Who does Sallie Gardiner marry?

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What does Meg do for money before she is married?

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Why does Marmee take Amy out of school?

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What is Jo’s “one beauty,” according to the novel?

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What does Professor Bhaer always have in his pockets?

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What type of music does Laurie try to write in Austria?

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From where is Professor Bhaer originally?

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Who are the witnesses to Amy’s will?

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With whom does Amy go to Europe?

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Where in the March house does Jo do her writing?