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Where does Humbert first meet Lolita?

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How does Humbert refer to the readers of his narrative?

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Who is Humbert’s first love?

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According to John Ray, Jr., Ph.D., what ultimately happens to Humbert?

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Who is the narrator of the foreword?

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How does Humbert’s first marriage end?

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In Beardsley, which friend helps Lolita cover her lies?

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Of the following names, which one never gets applied to Lolita?

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Of the following books, which was written by Nabokov?

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Lolita eventually marries

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Which of the following characters does not die during the course of the novel?

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What does Pratt believe to be Lolita’s chief problem in school?

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Who is Clare Quilty’s writing partner?

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What do Humbert and Lolita do after Charlotte’s death?

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How does Humbert learn the identity of Lolita’s kidnapper?

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At the start of the novel, how old is Lolita?

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What does Humbert teach?

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How does Humbert’s marriage to Charlotte end?

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Which is not one of Lolita’s hobbies?

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Clare Quilty wrote which play?

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Who is Lolita’s biological father?

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Where do Humbert and Lolita first have sex?

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Before studying literature, Humbert considers majoring in what subject?

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Where do Humbert and Quilty first exchange words?

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How does Lolita die?