"Our pride must be strong, for we know the value of the human mind and soul. We must teach our children. We must sacrifice so that they may earn the dignity of study and wisdom. For the time will come. The time will come when the riches in us will not be held in scorn and contempt. The time will come when we will be allowed to serve. When we will labor and our labor will not be wasted. And our mission is to await this time with strength and faith."

This quote is taken from Part Two, Chapter 6, from the speech Dr. Copeland gives at his Christmas party. This quote demonstrates at once the eloquence of Dr. Copeland's speech and the wisdom of the message he attempts to impart to his people. After he makes this speech, he is overcome with joy, for nothing feels better to him than to speak to his people about how they may achieve justice, and to feel that his advice is being heard. After Dr. Copeland makes the speech, everyone applauds, and he is happy. However, he feels so strongly about his beliefs and is so anxious to know that someone is really listening that soon after the guests leave, he wonders if any of them will remember what he said. The possibility that many may not makes him anxious and restless again.