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How and when did Frankie's mother die?

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Why does Frankie want to change her name to F. Jasmine?

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What major event in World War II is taking place during the main events of the novella?

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Why does Frankie spend so much time thinking about the House of the Freaks?

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What is the significance of the character Barney MacKean?

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Why is Frankie so excited about the wedding?

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Why does Berenice think that Frankie is so wound up about the wedding in the opening of the novella?

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Why does F. Jasmine wander the town on Saturday morning?

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Which two characters die during the course of the story?

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Whom does F. Jasmine think she sees out of the corner of her eyes when returning from home from town Saturday afternoon?

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What is the main topic of conversation between Berenice, John Henry and F. Jasmine over dinner on Saturday?

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What noise from outside starts to irritate everyone during dinner on Saturday?

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What would Berenice do if she were God and could change the world?

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What kind of haircut does Frankie have?

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What word does F. Jasmine use to sum up the aggressive sexual behavior of the Soldier?

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Why does Berenice say that it is illegal to change one's name?

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What does Frankie think the Marlowes are doing when she catches a glimpse of them in the front room of her house?

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What is wrong with Big Mama's skin?

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What does Big Mama say about what's wrong with Honey?

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What advice does F. Jasmine give Honey?

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What analogy does Frances make from her past experiences to try to make sense of the failure of the wedding?

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At what point does F. Jasmine change her name to Frances?

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Why is Frankie so happy that John Henry sleeps in her bed with her?

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What happens when Frankie goes to give blood at the Red Cross?

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Why does Frankie throw the knife at Berenice?