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What present does Milton buy Tessie when he wants to try for a daughter?

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What does Desdemona’s mother tell her she must be in order to raise good silk?

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What do Lefty’s English lessons tell him he must be to be civilized?

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In the movie about Greek myths Cal used to watch, which story was his favorite?

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What does Lefty call his speakeasy?

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How does Cal describe Tessie’s looks?

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Why does Milton join the Navy?

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What does Desdemona promise St. Christopher that Milton will do if he lives?

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What does Julie Kikuchi say about beauty?

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What does Marius Grimes call Callie?

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Why does Callie sneak out of the house during the 1967 riots?

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What does Desdemona do when Lefty dies?

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What does Callie blame for her delayed puberty?

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What does Callie call the popular girls in her school?

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What book does Meg give Callie at Christmas?

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Where does Callie meet the Obscure Object?

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What is Jerome’s movie about?

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At the summer home, what does the Object say she wishes Callie was?

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What does Dr. Luce have in his office?

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What word does Callie find in the dictionary as a synonym for “hermaphrodite”?

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What does Cal purchase to pass as a man?

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Who does Cal call after being attacked in Golden Gate Park?

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What does Zora say about intersex people?

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Who does Cal see at the Warhol exhibition?

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What does Desdemona tell Cal when she sees he’s become a man?