Summary: Chapter 21: The Gun on the Wall

Callie wakes up at the house feeling sick and dirty. During breakfast, the Object asks if Callie is sore. The Object accuses Callie of acting like a slut and looks like she might cry. Callie regrets everything. She gets back into bed and hides herself with a pillow. Later, Jerome gets in bed next to her. He promises he still respects her, climbs on top of her, and starts kissing her. Callie tells him to stop because she’s not interested in him. He leaves.

The Object doesn’t return to the house until later that night. She curls up in bed on her side. Callie crawls next to her and begins kissing her. The Object lifts her hips to allow Callie to remove her underwear.

Neither girl mentions what happened the next day. When Rex calls that night, the Object tells him she’s too tired to see him. That night, the same thing happens, with Callie touching the Object as the Object pretends to sleep.

One day, while the two girls sit together, the Object says she wishes Callie were a boy. Callie begins touching the Object for the first time in daylight. Jerome shows up and calls them lesbians. Jerome assures Callie he won’t tell anyone, but he orders her to leave and stay away from his sister. Callie attacks him, but Jerome throws her off. Callie flees with Jerome in hot pursuit. She doesn’t watch where she’s going and is hit by a tractor driven by a farmer.

When Callie awakens, she’s on her way to the hospital in the farmer’s car. The Object rides with her; she’s overjoyed to see Callie wake up and kisses her. As the orderlies bring Callie into the hospital, Callie and the Object hold hands as long for as they can before Callie is taken into an examining room. When the doctor examines Callie, he notices her androgynous genitals and notifies Milton and Tessie. A week later, Callie and her parents travel to see a famous doctor in New York City.

Summary: Chapter 22: The Oracular Vulva

In New York, Callie, Tessie, and Milton stay in a hotel called the Lochmoor. Callie doesn’t understand what’s happening, but she knows it’s a crisis. The next day, they go to see the specialist. Milton and Tessie pretend not to notice the sign that reads “Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity Clinic.” The clinic has orientalist etchings depicting sex, mortifying Milton and Tessie.