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Who records the story of Miss Jane Pittman?

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What was Miss Jane Pittman's name when she was enslaved?

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What was her name after slavery before she married Joe Pittman?

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How did she get that name?

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Where does Jane want to go when slavery ends?

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How does Jane end up traveling with Ned?

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Who does Jane not meet on her trek North?

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Why does Jane decide to stay in Louisiana?

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What does Joe Pittman do for a living?

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What does Miss Jane initially not want to tell Joe Pittman before they marry?

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Where does Ned go when he flees the plantation?

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What does Jane do at the ranch where Joe Pittman breaks horses?

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Why does Jane go to see the "hoodoo" woman?

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Why does Ned return to Louisiana?

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Who shoots Ned?

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What does Jane do to Albert Cluveau after the shooting?

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Who is Tee Bob's half-brother?

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With whom does Tee Bob fall in love?

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Why does Tee Bob kill himself?

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Who does Miss Jane Pittman think is the "One"?

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What does Robert Samson do with his plantation land after Tee Bob dies?

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What becomes a major part of Miss Jane's life at the end of the book?