Noticing Toomey watching her, Roy stole a quick look. He caught the red dress and a white rose [he was] drawn by the feeling that her smile was for him she seemed to be wanting to say something, and then it flashed on him the reason she was standing was to show her confidence in him he became aware that the night had spread out in all directions and was filled with an unbelievable fragrance.

This quote is from "Batter Up!" Chapter V. If Roy is a vegetative god—a symbol of virility and masculinity—then his counterpart is Iris Lemon, a fertility goddess whose very presence causes one stranger near her to feel an inexplicable sexual urge. In this key passage, Iris provides strength to Roy when he needs it most. In a more metaphorical sense, Iris the fertility goddess reinvigorates Roy's metaphorical phallus, Wonderboy, which has been "sagging like a baloney." Roy escapes from his slump, and it is clear that his best bet is to be with Iris rather than Memo.