Discuss the significance of Radar’s parents’ collection of black Santas. What is the significance of having the world’s largest collection of anything, and why do they choose these objects?

Quentin and Ben choose to spend their prom nights very differently, although they both end up at the same party. What does prom signify for Ben? What does it signify for Quentin?

Quentin and his friends are on many forms of technology: instant messenger, cell phone, video games, Omnictionary, etc. Discuss the role of computers and technology in Paper Towns. When is technology helpful, and when does it fall short?

Margo leaves a catfish for Lacey as vengeance in Part One of the novel, yet Lacey is upset by Margo’s disappearance and joins the search team. How does Lacey view Margo? Why does Lacey become involved with the mystery?