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What does Ben superglue to his hand during prom night?

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What do Quentin and his friends nickname Quentin’s minivan?

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What video game do Quentin, Ben, and Radar most often play together?

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How does Margo get the security guard to let herself and Quentin into Sea World?

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When the cow steps into the path of the minivan, who leans over from the passenger seat and steers the van away from danger?

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What do Ben and Radar do every day after school that Quentin does not do?

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What are Quentin, Ben, and Radar wearing when they get in the car to drive to Agloe?

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When Quentin returns to the minimall on prom night, what does he find that helps to convince him that Margo has been there recently?

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What grammatical quirk do Margo’s notes typically have?

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What is Ben’s generic term for a woman?

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What do Margo and Quentin do to Chuck Parson to take revenge?

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What famous person is on the poster that Margo hangs in her window?

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What name is spray-painted above the hole in the minimall wall that leads to Margo’s secret hideaway?

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Why do Radar’s parents suddenly fly to Pittsburgh for a weekend?

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What is Ben’s primary role in the road trip to Agloe, New York, according to Quentin?

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When Quentin, Lacey, Ben, and Radar find Margo in Agloe, what is her first reaction upon seeing them?

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What highlighted line from Margo’s copy of Leaves of Grass does Ben suggest they take as literal instructions?

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What image does the detective use to describe Margo to Quentin?

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When Margo and Quentin part ways at the end of their adventure in Part One, what does Margo whisper in Quentin’s ear?

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When Margo comes to Quentin’s window to take him on their adventure, what is she wearing?

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What are Quentin’s parents’ professions?

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How does Quentin find out that Margo will be in Agloe until noon on May 29th?

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How do Margo’s parents react to her disappearance?

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How did Chuck Parson humiliate Quentin when they were both in sixth grade?

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How does Quentin’s Ms. English teacher interpret “Song of Myself”?