Summary: The First Hour

Everyone calls his or her parents, and significant other, in the case of Radar, to explain what they’re all doing. They quickly settle into their road trip roles. Quentin is the driver, Lacey keeps track of supplies, Radar calculates the logistics and the route, and Ben has to pee, badly. Quentin has to exceed the speed limit in order to make good time.

Summary: Hour Two

Everyone plays a game of I-Spy, and Lacey and Ben are being flirty. Quentin, who is going seventy-two miles per hour in a fifty-five zone, races past a cop, by a stroke of lucky does not get pulled over.

Summary: Hour Three

Ben can’t hold it in anymore, and there is no time to pull over, so Radar dumps out a bottle of beer for Ben to pee in. Unfortunately the bottle is not big enough, so Radar dumps out another bottle, and Ben makes the transition cleanly. Radar, Quentin, and Lacey are grossed out, but Ben feels triumphant. Soon he announces that he has to pee again.

Summary: Hour Four

Lacey organizes the list of supplies they have to buy when they stop at a BP gas station, and she makes them memorize their roles so that they can get the job done in six minutes. Radar will fill up on gas, Ben will use the bathroom and then pick up the things on his part of the list, Quentin will pick up the things on his part of the list, and Lacey will use the bathroom and sign the receipt on the BP card. They drive into the BP, swiftly execute their plan, and get back on the road with four seconds to spare.

Summary: Hour Five

Lacey sorts through all the provisions, sees that Quentin forgot to grab healthy snacks, and complains about having to eat a GoFast bar, until she tries one and loves it. Radar and Ben can’t believe that the t-shirts Quentin happened to grab for them are printed with large Confederate flags.

Summary: Hour Six

They get stuck in traffic and play a game called “That Guy Is a Gigolo,” in which they invent a narrative about the lives of the people in the cars around them. Radar points out that the game reveals a lot more about themselves than about the people in the cars.