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What is not true of Barbie?

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How did Taylor acquire Turtle?

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According to the Cherokee story, what happened to six naughty boys who refuse to do their chores?

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What does Jax do?

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What grows on the tree outside of Taylor and Jax's house?

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Which of the following is characteristic of Cash?

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What does Taylor refuse to allow when she and Turtle go on Oprah?

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According to a Chinese adage, what happens when you save someone's life?

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Where does Taylor work when she has to quit her Handi-Van job?

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How does Jax try to distract Annawake?

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How does Turtle get her name?

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What does Angie Buster do to signal to her neighbors that her son is missing?

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What is the one thing that would cause a snapping turtle to let go of something it has bitten?

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Where does Cash take Alice on their first date?

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Who is Heaven's beloved, crazy personality?

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What was Turtle's condition when Taylor found her?

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When Cash stands up at the tribal council meeting, what does he say?

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Which of the following statements about Gundi is not true?

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What story does Ledger tell Annawake before she goes to the tribal council?

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What does Sugar often pick by the roadside?

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What symbolizes the long history of the Cherokee people?

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Who leads the dance at the Cherokee stomp dance?

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What does a neighbor accuse Boma Mellowbug of stealing?

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What does Turtle fear?

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Why does Cash smash his television?