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How does Granpa Chook die?

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In what item of clothing does Peekay dress Granpa Chook for his funeral?

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To which tribe does Gideon Mandoma belong?

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From what does Peekay's mother suffer?

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How many boxing fights has Peekay lost by the time he leaves for Northern Rhodesia?

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Who are "the People"?

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Who dubs South Africa "the great Southland"?

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What is a "coffeepot"?

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How many "Sinjun's People" are there each year?

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What kind of world boxing champion does Peekay aspire to be?

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What are "King Georgies"?

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What gift do the Barberton prisoners give to Peekay?

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What is the name of Mrs. Boxall's organization for the Barberton prisoners?

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What is a "swot spot" in the Prince of Wales School?

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What does Doc have in his hand when he first meets Peekay?