As an out, gay, Latino Congressman, Luna serves as a role model for Alex, who ardently admires Luna’s convictions, bravery, and his commitment to fighting for what’s right. Though he is only thirty-nine, Luna is world-weary compared to the energetic, tenacious Alex. In their mentor-mentee dynamic, Luna tries to ground Alex’s idealism in the harsher realities of political life. This suggests that Alex’s idealism may blind him to the severe limits of the political process. Luna’s character serves as a warning of the disappointments of the political life that Alex has been pursuing so intently.

When Luna joins Richards’s ticket, Alex is heartbroken and begins to reevaluate what he wants for his life. The disillusionment that Alex feels with Luna is part of Alex’s journey to understand the role of politics in his quest to do the most good in the world. In the end, Alex learns that Luna is on a crusade to hold Richards responsible for a long history of sexual abuse. This illustrates both that political life is fraught with real dangers, especially for a person who isn’t straight, and that Luna is a person deeply worthy of Alex’s admiration. Luna is willing to sacrifice his career and his reputation to expose wrongs and protect innocent people from Richards. In his redemption, Luna represents what Alex could become: a loving, passionate, stalwart defender of others who will stop at nothing to achieve the best.