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Which of the following is not a distinguishing characteristic of Minas Tirith?

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Why does Pippin offer his sword to Denethor in service of Gondor?

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How does Aragorn encounter Sauron?

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Who is the most frightened character in the journey through the Paths of the Dead?

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Why must the Sleepless Dead obey Aragorn’s commands?

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How does Merry arrive at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields?

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What does the Enemy catapult over the walls of Minas Tirith?

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What strange guides lead the Riders of Rohan on a secret path to Gondor?

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How does Gandalf defend the gates of Minas Tirith against the Lord of the Nazgûl?

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What does Denethor take with him to his fiery death?

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What is ironic about Aragorn’s arrival in Gondor?

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How does Aragorn heal the sick and dying in the Houses of Healing?

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What is the goal of Gondor’s advance attack on Mordor?

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What does Sauron’s Lieutenant use to threaten Gandalf and his envoy?

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How does Sam elude the Two Watchers at the gates of Ungol?

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How does Sam overpower Frodo’s Orc captors?

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How does Frodo respond when he learns that Sam has safeguarded the Ring?

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What physical image of Sauron intimidates Frodo and Sam?

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How does the Ring end up in the Cracks of Doom?

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Whom does Éowyn agree to marry?

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What does Arwen give to Frodo?

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Who is the “Boss” of the Shire?

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How does Saruman die?

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What improvement does Sam make to the Shire?

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What do Frodo and Gandalf do at the end of the novel?