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Where is Christophine from?  

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What is the name of Antoinette's disabled brother?  

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With what does Antoinette sleep to protect herself from harm?  

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Who negotiates the marriage between Antoinette and Rochester?  

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What happens to Amelie after she sleeps with Rochester?  

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What picture does Rochester absentmindedly draw?  

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What does Aunt Cora give to Antoinette before she marries Rochester?  

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What is the name of Annette's parrot?  

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How many letters does Sandi Cosway send to Rochester?  

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According to Annette, why does no one visit Coulibri Estate from Spanish Town?  

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How does Rochester threaten Christophine?  

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Who is Sandi Cosway?  

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Who falls, burning, off a house?  

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Why does Rochester rename Antoinette?  

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Who gets Antoinette drunk first?  

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What animal announces the changing weather?  

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How many living children does Christophine have?  

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Who finally persuades Antoinette to get married?  

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What advice does Christophine give to Antoinette concerning Rochester?  

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Why does Annette want to leave Jamaica?