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During what year does Finny fall out of the tree?

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What two places does Gene Forrester make a point of visiting when he returns to his school?

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What is the name of Gene’s school?

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During the summer session, what do the boys do at the tree by the river?

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What is the name of the club that Gene and Finny establish during the summer?

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What does Finny wear that causes such a stir at Mr. Patch-Withers’s tea?

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What is the name of the game that Finny invents?

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What kind of school record does Finny break in only one try?

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How does Finny fall from the tree?

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What does Dr. Stanpole tell Gene about Finny’s injury?

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Where does Gene tell Finny his own version of what happened on the tree?

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What job does Gene try to take to avoid playing actively on a sports team?

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Who jokingly accuses Gene of having killed Finny?

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What does Brinker try to persuade Gene to do after a day spent shoveling snow off the railway tracks?

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Why doesn’t Gene join the army?

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For what event does Finny claim to be training Gene?

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What is Finny’s professed opinion of the war?

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Who becomes the first student at Devon to enlist?

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What kind of outdoor event does Finny organize?

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What happens to Leper in the military?

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Who goes to visit Leper in Vermont?

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Who organizes the “trial” to determine what caused Finny’s fall from the tree?

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Who testifies that Gene knocked Finny off the tree?

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How does Finny break his leg the second time?

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How does Finny die?