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Where does Judge Pyncheon live?

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Which character is the oldest?

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What does Colonel Pyncheon die from?

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What is the curse that Maule addresses to Colonel Pyncheon from the scaffold?

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How is Hepzibah related to Clifford?

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Who inadvertently caused Uncle Jaffrey’s death?

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What is Holgrave’s profession?

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At the beginning of the novel, Clifford has just spent thirty years in

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Who is Holgrave’s ancestor?

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Matthew Maule is hanged for what crime?

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To what office does Judge Pyncheon hope to be elected?

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Where is the deed to the Maine land hidden?

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How old is Holgrave?

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What is Judge Pyncheon’s first name?

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What kind of bird does the Pyncheon family breed?

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Why does Phoebe initially worry about Holgrave’s declaration of love?

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What does Holgrave do when he finds the Judge’s body?

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Why does Phoebe briefly depart from the house of the seven gables?

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Who hypnotizes Phoebe?

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Who is Hepzibah’s first customer?

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What is the Judge’s most noteworthy feature?

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Where is Hepzibah’s shop?

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What animal, according to the novel, symbolizes New England greed?

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What does the Judge threaten to do with Clifford?

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What happens to the Judge’s son?