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What grade is Jess in when the story begins?

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How many siblings does Jess have?

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When Jess first sees Leslie Burke, what is his initial confusion?

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Why does Jess initially react badly to Leslie?

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What subject does Miss Edmunds teach?

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Who is Janice Avery?

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What is the name of Jess and Leslie's teacher at school?

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Which of the following is not one of Leslie's hobbies or interests?

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Who names Terabithia?

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What are Leslie's parents' names?

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How many siblings does Leslie have?

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What do Leslie and Jess do to get back at Janice Avery for stealing May Belle's Twinkies?

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What does Leslie get for Jess for Christmas?

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What does Jess get for Leslie for Christmas?

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What color does Leslie's father paint the living room?

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Where in Terabithia is the home of the spirits?

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How often does Jess's family go to church?

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What are Jess's sisters' names?

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How often does Leslie's family go to church?

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What is the name of Leslie's puppy?

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What happens to the Aarons family just before Easter?

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Where does Miss Edmunds take Jess on their trip to Washington?

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How does Leslie die?

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What does Jess do after Leslie dies?

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After Jess builds the bridge to Terabithia, whom does he establish as his new queen?