As a character, Weathers grows as the novel progresses. Weathers is a doctor who has recently become obsessed with climbing, and initially, Krakauer does not think much of him. Throughout the climb, Weathers exhibits more and more character. One of the more gut-wrenching aspects of the story is Weathers' blindness that sets in the higher he climbs. Weathers persuades Hall to let him attempt the summit, and promises that if he cannot sit he will wait for the next guide. True to his word, Weathers sits and waits for hours, until Krakauer eventually stumbles upon him. After waiting hours for a guide, Weathers finally gets help down the mountain and joins the group that gets lost. During the rescue attempt, Boukreev leaves Weathers for dead. In a series of astounding feats of strength and spirit, Weathers stays alive. After being written off he eventually finds camp, ill and frostbitten. At camp, he is stripped of his sleeping bags in a fierce storm but lasts through the night. He also survives being brought down the mountain, finally seeing doctors at Base Camp who call his frostbite the worst they've ever seen.

All through the book Krakauer talks about the undying spirit of some climbers. Some climbers are driven to the point of being dangerous. Weathers is not as much driven as he is tough. He exemplifies the determination, strength and bravery. Though only a client, he is a one of a kind hero on the expedition.