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What was Krakauer's climbing experience prior to Everest?

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Who was Krakauer's head guide?

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Who was Rob Hall's main Sherpa?

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How long had Rob Hall been guiding at Adventure Consultants?

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How was Rob Hall's track record as a guide?

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How would you characterize Rob Hall and Scott Fischer's relationship?

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Which of the following people reached the summit by 2:00 pm, the turn-around time?

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Which of the guides descends the summit long before the clients?

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Which of the following clients is not later rescued by Anatoli Boukreev?

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Who, suffering from hypoxia, tells the climbers that the oxygen canisters at the South Summit are empty?

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Why does Lopsang Sherpa refuse to deliver oxygen to Hall and Hansen who are stranded on the summit?

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Why won't Hall leave the summit, even though he knows that staying will probably result in death?

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Whom does Krakauer mistake for Andy Harris the night they descend from the summit?