Hall is Krakauer's guide, and leads them up the mountain impressively until the summit attempt. Hall began climbing in the Himalayas at age nineteen, and successfully climbed the highest mountain in each of the seven continents within a period of seven months. After that feat, Hall decides that his future is in guiding, and brings a record number of clients to the summit of Everest. All of the clients like and respect Hall, and during the ascent he comes to the assistance of a number of climbers. Hall, though essential to everyone during the climb, does not adhere to his own turn-around time for the summit. Hall, hours behind the turn-around time, waits for Doug Hansen, a current and former client. Hall had convinced Hansen to make another go at the summit, and despite running behind Hall attempts to help him realize his dream. Hall and Hansen become stranded at the top of the mountain. Hansen runs out of oxygen, and Hall refuses to leave him. Hall's loyalty is fierce, and he tries to protect his client until the very end. Even as Hall radios for help he asks about how his clients are doing, always concerned, always looking out for others.