Hannah Baker

A new student in town and the female protagonist of the novel. Hannah commits suicide before the novel begins, and she is present in the story only through recordings in which she narrates the reasons why she took her own life.

Clay Jensen

A friend of Hannah’s and the male protagonist. Clay narrates the real-time events of the story while reflecting on what he learns from Hannah’s tapes. Hannah says that he does not belong on her list because of anything he’s done, but because she can’t tell her story without him.

Justin Foley

A high school student and the first boy that Hannah kisses. Justin begins the chain of events that lead to Hannah’s suicide.

Bryce Walker

A high school student with a reputation for behaving aggressively towards women. Bryce rapes Jessica when she’s passed out and sexually assaults Hannah at another party. 

Alex Standall

The creator of the Who’s Hot/Who’s Not list. Hannah blames Alex for exacerbating her negative reputation and giving people permission to objectify her and make unwanted advances. 

Jessica Davis

A new student in school. She and Hannah aren’t close friends, but along with Alex, they carve out a safe space at Monet’s before their friendship falls apart.

Jenny Kurtz

A high school cheerleader. Jenny is sweet and popular with a good reputation, but her carelessness causes a fatal accident.

Mr. Porter

The high school English teacher and guidance counselor that Hannah speaks to about her issues. 

Tyler Down

A yearbook photographer who is revealed to be a “Peeping Tom” and who spies on Hannah.

Courtney Crimsen

Hannah’s classmate. Courtney has a reputation for being sweet and friendly, but she is cruel to Hannah when no one is looking.

Marcus Cooley

A classmate who matches with Hannah on a Valentine’s survey. He believes the stories about Hannah’s reputation and gets aggressive and handsy with her. 

Zach Dempsey

A shy high school student who has a crush on Hannah and steals her notes of encouragement in peer communications class.

Ryan Shaver

A classmate who edits a high school newsletter containing lost items. 


A friend and classmate of Clay and Hannah. He is responsible for making sure that everyone on Hannah’s list listens to the tapes. 

Skye Miller

A former crush of Clay’s who has gained a reputation as an outcast. Skye does not appear on Hannah’s tapes. She is part of Clay’s real-time story.