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To whom does Shelby sell Tom and Harry?

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In what year was the Fugitive Slave Act passed?

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In what city do the St. Clares live?

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How old is Emmeline?

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Who is Eliza’s mother?

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How many children does Uncle Tom have?

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In what state is the Shelby farm located?

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Where does Tom first meet Eva?

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In what state was Uncle Tom’s Cabin written?

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Over what river does Eliza make her miraculous crossing?

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Who inherits ownership of Tom when St. Clare dies?

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How does St. Clare die?

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Who saves Eva from drowning?

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In what state is Legree’s plantation located?

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Who shoots Tom Loker?

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Who heals Loker?

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What racist term is used to describe Cassy’s racial heritage?

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What President reportedly claimed that Uncle Tom’s Cabin started the Civil War?

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From where does Eliza cross into Canada?

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Whom does St. Clare give to Ophelia to educate?

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Which character directly opposes the Fugitive Slave Law?

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Who beats Uncle Tom to death?

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What is Mrs. Shelby’s first name?

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In what state does Tom die?

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To which country do George and Eliza plan to immigrate?