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At what time of year does the novel open?

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What is Jack Gladney the chairman of?

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What are Jack’s fake initials?

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What is the name of the drug behind the airborne toxic event?

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Who does Murray want to create an academic department around?

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What does Murray equate with the Tibetan holding place for dead souls?

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What class does Babette teach?

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What field are all of Jack’s wives somehow involved in?

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What fear does Dylar relieve?

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Who gives Jack a loaded gun?

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What does SIMUVAC stand for?

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Which one of the following is not a symptom of exposure to Nyodene Derivative?

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What city is everyone evacuated to during the airborne toxic event?

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What does Murray suggest is one way of relieving the fear of dying?

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What year does Jack come up with his initials?

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Which one of the children provides a special comfort to Jack and Babette?

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What does Murray encourage everyone to be more like?

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Why does Wilder start crying for seven hours?

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What part of town is Willie Mink living in?  

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Why is Jack so afraid of plots?

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Why does Jack study Hitler?

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What does Orest Mercator want to set a world record for?

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What does Denise see her mother doing?

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What cause the airborne toxic event?

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What is Jack’s greatest fear?