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Why does Christine go to the hospital so often?

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Who is Elgin?

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Where does Christine want to go to kill herself?

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Why does Christine get a membership to Village Video?

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What activity does Ida most enjoy around the house?

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What group does Rayona join on the reservation?

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Where does Rayona end up going with Father Tom?

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Where does Rayona meet Sky?

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What job does Rayona get at Bearpaw Lake?

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What does Rayona find on the ground at Bearpaw Lake?

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Where do Sky and Evelyn take Rayona?

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What happens to Christine on the night the world is supposed to end?

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What obligation does Lee try to avoid that Christine urges him to follow?

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What do Christine and Elgin first talk about when they meet?

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What happens at Point Defiance Park?

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What surprise does Christine get when she returns to the reservation for Lee’s funeral?

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What news does Christine get at the IHS during her last visit before she takes Rayona to the reservation?

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What does Rayona throw away when she and her mother go to pick up Babe?

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What is Ida’s biological relationship to Christine?

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Why is Ida allowed to keep Christine even though Clara is Christine’s real mother?

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Who is Lee’s father?

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Who visits Ida’s house on the night the world is supposed to end?

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When Christine moves in with Dayton, what does she find out about him?

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When do Rayona and Ellen finally meet?

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Whose place does Rayona take in the rodeo?